Monday, 22 August 2011

Symbian Belle leaked! Get it now!

Symbian Belle aka PR.3.0 (Nokias newest firmware for the N8) was recently leaked.

Belle is the newest update, containing numerous new functions and a complete new User Interface.
It's blazingly fast, compared to Anna and is smooth like anything.
It being so new (and leaked) does have a few downsides though. Some games won't run or run really laggy. Like Angry Birds and Asphalt 6. These will probably be fixed when Belle is released to the general public.

Of course I just had to flash it on my N8.


It really is like holding a completely new phone in my hands. If only it would've been like this when the N8 was released...

You can download it (and customised versions of it) from the DailyMobile forum.

I'll be posting a quick flashing guide shortly, stay tuned!


  1. Unfortunately, I do not have an N8

  2. Oh nice! Someone who actually bought an N8!
    Is belle a fitting last breath for symbian?

    I used to own a N95 back in the day, that thing was a beast!

  3. Too bad I don't have that phone. I use a Droid Incredible.

  4. I love being the first to grasp at things nobody has had yet. Too bad I have an iPhone though...