Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Clever blog titles are for winners!

Hey peeps, how's it going?

Hope your Christmas and New Year's was good and all that.

I still haven't gotten my phone back, so no  firmware flashing guide yet, but there will be one!

Bethesda still hasn't released the Creation Kit for Skyrim, even though they said they would by the end of January...

According to the Elder Scrolls wiki, it's coming around early February or so.

I seriously can't wait for the amazing mods that'll be on their way once the Creation Kit is out.

Talking about Skyrim... I still haven't completed it, waaaay too many quests to go...

Saints Row: The 3rd is a fun game, though I haven't quite finished it yet. It's too much fun to just cause havoc in this game.

Every Realm needs a Batman, even Skyrim

Just a short update for now, I'll be back later for more!


  1. Here's hoping you've had a great 2012 so far buddy, welcome back to Blogger! Those Skyrim mods will be awesome too.