Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Arduino + Floppy = Music!

I recently got myself an Arduino UNO and did the usual first-time experiments with it (making an LED blink, moving a Servo motor and so on).

That got boring, fast. So I did the logical thing.  Try to connect the closest thing to me to the Arduino!
 Turns out I had a few floppies lying aroun.

First thing was to make sure they worked, so I wired them up to a computer and checked.

All of 'em worked.

Now that that was done, I connected the Arduino to the floppy via IDE cable and threw up some code to make the spindle motor move 'n' groove.

Worked nicely, though I programmed it to move automatically up and down, so that was boring... so I added a potentiometer for manual control.

It was then that I remembered watching a video on Youtube where floppies were utilised to play music!

After fumbling around for a while installing the necessary software for it, I finally managed to do this:


Not bad for a first try.

How it works (probably):

You load a midi (preferably multi-channel) with Java from your computer which sends the appropiate signals to the Arduino through USB. That's it.


Took a while to wire it all up and install all the software but it was definately worth it.
Original coding by Samm1Am

It's not music... it's better!


  1. That video is great man, the whole concept is utter genius too, incredibly interesting stuff. Great post mate.

  2. Which version of Visual Basic did you use to make the soft?

    1. None, it's coded in Java and run with the Netbeans IDE