Friday, 14 September 2012

Disassembly 1: Orion FK-4001

What up?

This post is one of the first (of many) where I take something (tech) apart and show you the gritty insides!

So, let's go!

Our first victim will be this old fax, which is one of my most recent acquisitions.

Looks harmless enough.

It was broken and it's old so, naturally, I did what any sane person would do.

"Say Aaaaah!"
I proceeded to salvage it and document the steps for your pleasure.
Don't forget you can click the pictures for a higher quality view.  

Descriptions of each picture are above it.

Here is the top of it with the phone set and user interface removed. Notice the wiring.

With the top plastic covering completely taken off, you can  a small loudspeaker, a buzzer and two stepper motors which feed the paper and move it out when printed.

A closer look at the gears that make it move.

Here's a shot of the internal power supply. As you can see, the mains cable is at the top right.

Dat cap

 Top view with all of the plastic casing removed:


Bottom view with the casing removed showing the main board:

Circuit city!
A snap of the heating element:

 The two unipolar stepper motors:

 And the main board again, taken out of it's home.

The main board is actually in two parts, connected with a few pins. The left side is purely for power supply and the right (darker PCB) is for the actual workings of the fax.

For some reason there is another buzzer or beeper soldered onto the board. Might be for warnings only.
Either way, it's gonna be pretty fun de-soldering all those components.

That'll be it for now, stay tuned for more disassemblies!

Hope you enjoyed it!

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  1. This is incredible man. It's amazing to see the high amount of effort put into everyday products that a whole lot of us really take for granted, great post, thanks for sharing.