Saturday, 22 September 2012

How to disassemble a CD/DVD drive


If you have wanted to take a CD or DVD drive apart but always wondered if loosening that one screw would cause the apocalypse, I can now give you a guide on how to avoid that!

First, you'll need a drive. Any will do as they're built similarly. For my demonstration I'll be using an old LG CD-ROM drive.

Got one? Good, let's get to it!

Turn it upside down and unscrew the marked screws.
Click the images for a bigger view.

You will now have something like this:

Get a pin and push it in the marked hole. This will open the drive.

Lift the small plate marked with an X up towards you while holding the tray down. It might be a bit awkward, though it should come off after pulling on it.

On the sides you will find these little brackets holding the faceplate in place.

Push them in and and remove the faceplate. Depending on your drive, you might have another bracket on the top.

The front of your drive should now look like this:

Now lift the metal casing off the assembly. It will now come off without a prob and you will see something like this:

Good going!
Now move the CD/DVD tray out a bit until you can see these and unscrew them. Also take the rubber band off.

 Now turn it over and remove the board by pushing the hinges out of the way. Do the same for the bigger board.

Disconnect the ribbon cables from the board taking care not to rip them. I've marked one but you will find about 3 of them:

The boards are now free from their prison!

Let's take a look at the assembly that's left.

Unscrew the screw marked in red and check if you have any where the blue arrows are. If you do, undo those too.
This will allow you to lift and pull the laser tray out of the assembly.

You know the drill by now! Loosen and remove the marked screws and slide the laser assembly off the rails.

The next few parts are fairly simple.
Basically just remove all screws.
You can separate the part that holds the little lens once you got all the screws.

There you go!
You just successfully disassembled your drive!

Notable loot:

2 neodymium magnets:

one small stepper motor:

some buttons, switches and a small DC motor:

And depending on what drive you used you can find an infrared or red laser!

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  1. Woah man, it's crazy how intricate these bad boys are inside, great photos dude, interesting stuff.