Monday, 27 May 2013

Sony Xperia ZL: a short review

Believe it or not, up to a few days ago I have never had an Android phone in my hands.

My contract was being renewed so I had a choice to get one for cheaper. After going through many specs and reviews it was decided.

I'd give the Xperia ZL a try as it fits my needs perfectly. Its brother the Xperia Z was also an option, but the rubberised back of the ZL won me over.

 Now, the good bits:

It has a dedicated camera button, a Full HD display and is easy to hold. The battery life seems okay to me, I use it rather heavily. It operates smoothly and has no lags. Most new games work fluidly. The phone comes with a cover protector which you can peel of if you wanted to. Don't do it though, it's designed to keep the glass underneath scratch free.