Monday, 27 May 2013

Sony Xperia ZL: a short review

Believe it or not, up to a few days ago I have never had an Android phone in my hands.

My contract was being renewed so I had a choice to get one for cheaper. After going through many specs and reviews it was decided.

I'd give the Xperia ZL a try as it fits my needs perfectly. Its brother the Xperia Z was also an option, but the rubberised back of the ZL won me over.

 Now, the good bits:

It has a dedicated camera button, a Full HD display and is easy to hold. The battery life seems okay to me, I use it rather heavily. It operates smoothly and has no lags. Most new games work fluidly. The phone comes with a cover protector which you can peel of if you wanted to. Don't do it though, it's designed to keep the glass underneath scratch free.

The 13 megapixel camera is great when you have enough light while performance at night is "okay" if you play with the settings around first. Burst mode is super fast, although fast movements (cars, as an example) will still look blurry. Pictures are normally around 1~2 megabyte in size which is rather small.
It features a bright LED for pictures and videos. The microphone is rather good, nearly as good as the one on the Nokia N8. Videos are recorded at 1080p or lower, if so desired.

The only downside I have experienced so far is the call quality.
I wouldn't say it's bad but... yeah. It needs to be much clearer. The loudspeakers are honestly not great. Use headphones, which come with the phone, if you're going to listen to music.

UI interaction is fast and intuitive, even for a newcomer such as myself. Not much else to say about it.

Some things that I'd like to see in a future update:

high-speed video recording
better camera performance, less artifacts and RAW capture, lower compression
better call quality

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  1. Glad to hear that the phone is great apart from the sound quality which is quite something to say, really glad you're enjoying the new phone buddy.